We’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and organizations in the 20+ years we’ve been a part of this industry, allowing us to produce a catalog of work that’s achieved Telly, Addy, IABC and CASE recognition.

Feel free to browse some of our recent creations below, or to see an extended catalog, click here.

412 Food Rescue | Launch Video

We hope you find this statistic as staggering as we do, but every day 40 million Americans suffer from food insecurity. Thankfully, there are awesome companies like 412 Food Rescue out there to help try to change that. With a mission to prevent perfectly good food from entering the waste stream, 412 Food Rescue developed a technology platform to connect food donations to “food rescue heroes” who can get the food to community organizations in need. To help 412 Food Rescue market their technology platform, Skinny Tie produced this launch video for the organization to take to city leaders across the country to encourage them to adopt and implement their technology. Originally launched in Pittsburgh, this technology is now in cities as close a Cleveland and as far-flung as San Francisco. City-by-city, 412 Food Rescue is working to bridge the disconnect between food waste, hunger, and environmental sustainability.

IDL + Giant Eagle | Sign me Up!

Have you pumped gas, bought groceries, or shopped for shoes in the past few weeks? We’re guessing you have. If so, you’ve likely seen the work of our client, IDL Print. IDL Print – a division of IDL Worldwide – helps powerhouse brands resonate with consumers through the power of print. With an opportunity to have their own voice outside of the IDL Worldwide brand, IDL Print approached Skinny Tie to produce a series of videos to help them better compete in the market with a storytelling approach to their services. Starting with their first-ever image video, Skinny Tie worked with IDL Print to showcase what makes them the go-to provider for print services in the country.

Rocky Brands | A Shoe In

Isn’t e-commerce amazing? One day you have Spanx in your cart and a day or two later they’re on your doorstep and no one knows you bought them! So convenient! Parts of that convenience comes from companies like Matthews Automation Solutions (MAS), a material handing technology company for order fulfillment and distribution centers. When Rocky Brands, a mid-west footwear retailer, needed to improve their 20-year-old sorter, they called upon MAS to help. Together, they created a solution that Rocky needed. And, when MAS was ready to tell that success story, they called Skinny Tie to produce this case study video to demonstrate the strength of MAS’s products and services.

International Seafood Sustainability Foundation | Go Fish!

If tuna could talk, they’d say...How the hell would we know – we’re not tuna experts. But our friends at the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation are. And, they’ve been working since 2009 to not only preserve the tuna population of the world’s oceans, but also improve fishing methodologies, educate skippers and fishermen, and establish guidelines for a global industry that feeds hundreds of millions of people daily. It’s no easy task, but this organization of dedicated individuals has been up for the challenge. As they commemorated their 10th Anniversary in 2019, ISSF partnered with Skinny Tie to produce this anniversary video to celebrate their successes and acknowledge the road ahead. In addition to marking the occasion, ISSF uses the video to raise awareness and increase membership for their very seaworthy cause.

Ms. Foundation for Women | Hear me Roar!

Typically, we don’t promote ourselves as doing birthday party videos, but when we were approached to do one in honor of the mother of feminism and the groundbreaking organization she co-founded, we had a change of heart. Celebrating their 40th anniversary, while simultaneously celebrating the 80th birthday of Gloria Steinem, the Ms. Foundation asked Skinny Tie to produce a video for their 2014 annual gala that would pay tribute to its co-founder, reflect on the organization’s history, recognize the ways their work has impacted women across the country, and look ahead to how the Ms. Foundation will continue to be relevant in the future. For Skinny Tie, this project certainly showed us, "When unique voices are united in a common cause, they make history."‬ Their story continues...

National Baseball Hall of Fame | Fame…I Want to Live Forever

Flipping your camera around to selfie mode can be scary enough for some people. But, can you imagine having your face molded with clay by hand and then cast in bronze for all eternity?! If you’re going to do that, you better have someone mega-talented doing it for you. We suppose that’s why, for more than 30 years, Matthews Architectural Products has been the exclusive provider of inductee plaques for the National Baseball Hall of Fame. As a part of the 2015 Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Skinny Tie was asked to produce a video to showcase the artistry, craftsmanship, process, and quality that Matthews Architectural Products provides to this premier project. From the moment the clay touches the artist’s hands to the minute the casting comes out of the furnace, these plaques are brought to life by hall of famers in their own right.

Madame Presidenta | Why not U.S.?

In full disclosure, while we were finishing this project in late 2015, we knew Hillary Clinton was going to be the 45th President of the United States. But history had another idea. And now, we’re even more proud to have been associated with this project. Madame Presidenta, co-produced and edited by Skinny Tie Media, is a collaboration of the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania and ELAS: Women’s Social Investment Fund in Rio de Janeiro. The 50-minute documentary explores the topics of how Brazil came to elect its first female president; what impact her presidency had on women’s rights and opportunities; how her leadership was seen throughout the country during her term; and what American women can learn from their Brazilian sisters and their passionate and successful surge towards economic prosperity and political leadership. The full documentary is screened internationally at special engagements for audiences exploring issues of social, political and gender equality.