This post is about the four stories every leader must communicate within the organization to create a truly amazing culture that will lead to results for the business. Given the current pandemic and the distributed workforce, sharing these stories are of the utmost importance to your people.

I have the tendency to write too many words and over-communicate, so I’ve been told. So, I’m going to start with the list and skip the big wind up, cause this topic is really important. 

Telling our stories is how we find similarities. Through those similarities, we connect. Through connection, we build trust and trust is at the core of how organizations accomplish great things.

  1. Your origin story – How did you get here?  Why did you start the company? How did you become the leader?  Where did you come from? We’re all people. We come from somewhere. Granted, not all of us were bitten by a radioactive spider but we all have an origin story.  
  2. What you do – Not everyone in the organization knows what you do. To some, you’re just the person that signs the checks, has the big office, and the person that makes more money. Share what you do and ask others to share what they do. Why do you love your job?
  3. Where we’re going – What’s our shared future? Am I part of our future? Does our future match what I want for my future? You can build a lot of trust if we’re all going to the same place and we know where that place is. Don’t worry if you have to change the route, just tell people when we change and why. 
  4. That you’re a real person. With all the faults, worries, hope, and fears as everyone. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and show that you’re more than your job.

At the moment, we are experiencing so much prolonged uncertainty and it’s creating a great deal of anxiety in us. One way to help calm that anxiety is to share our stories and connect. We love stories. Humans are hardwired for stories. Watch Hardwired for story by Sarah-Jane “SJ” Murray to learn why and how. 

If we don’t know the story, we make up the story and we usually let our imaginations run wild with the story, the more dramatic and scary the better. Check out this Ted Talk from Karen Thompson Walker to hear how that works. It’s one of my favorite talks. Your organizational and individual stories are too important to leave up to the imagination. 

At Skinny Tie, we think video is the best way for your organizations to tell, show, and share stories. We’ll help you discover and tell your stories to create connection, build trust, and drive results for your business.

Nathan Wadding, CEO Skinny Tie Media
Helping organizations build authentic communications that lead to a great culture.

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