We don’t have a blog to brag or to drive traffic. We have this blog to communicate the larger visions we have for our company, ourselves, & our work. It’s also a way to show the tactical steps we take with your work. We’re a bit nerdy sometimes and we get really into the details, we also get philosophical and think in 3 dimensions. We believe that’s what makes us great at solving your problems.

We think in the clouds and then tie those ideas to the ground; we don’t leave our ideas floating in the air. We turn our discovery and strategy into practical tools and solutions for you and your business. We take pride in our craft. We take pride in the work we do for you. We take pride in the relationships we build with you and we take care of the trust you put in us. The work we do represents you and we treat that with the utmost respect. So this is a way for us to show you a little peek behind the curtain and at how we solve problems.

Thank you for letting us practice our passions and our craft while enabling us to use story to connect and share with one another.

-Nathan Wadding, CEO & Co-Founder