We partner with the Pittsburgh Technology Council for their annual CIO of the Year awards. This year we transformed their office space into a video capture studio to create all of the various video elements for the live production. The theme for the 2019 CIO of the Year Awards was Technology Illuminated.

Production still, subject mid interview with cameras rolling

This was a fun theme for us to bring to light creatively and visually. The content focus was on our interviewees and how they help to illuminate technology and how they are able to enrich the region through their work. We tackled a very aggressive shoot schedule where we moved 28 subjects through our set in 45-minute timeslots over a three-day shoot period.

Empty production set with camera, lights, and mic stands

We were able to execute our creative vision by tying in the neon elements from the theme and logo design into the set build. We achieved our desired visual effects on set through the use of LEDs and some good ole’ fashioned China Bulbs to allow for a soft, yet strong, light fill.

Once our interview visuals were set, we moved 400 hours of footage into post-production to be edited down. From there, we were able to combine hundreds of digital assets, logo animations, graphic bumpers, music, lower thirds, branded transitions and then timed everything out to be played back live and on cue for 500+ attendees at the event!

– Carl Zappa, Digital Communication Strategest/Video Producer