Events have become a very different experience this year. From the way we create events, to the way we experience events,  And through all the change one thing remains essential — connection.  Connecting in a meaningful way to your audience. Not being together in a room is most certainly a dramatic shift in how we connect but we see this moment as an opportunity to reimagine how to engage your audience and not let distance, separation, or technology get in the way of building a connection.   

Whether you’re bringing people together to share, learn, grow, or connect your events can’t be what they were a year ago but they can be so much more and they can reach more people, and depending on how you build the experience, more often. We believe there are 5 things that will make your event stand out. 

  1. Why are you having an event anyway?
    It’s time to revisit your
    why. Does your event have a mission statement or a theme? Is the mission of the event relevant? Is it clear to all?  This may seem like a super easy thing to nod our heads about but are all stakeholders in lockstep? Are you sure you know what your attendees value? We ask these 8 questions every time we begin working on an event.

    What do you want people to…

    Once you know the why. It’s time to reimagine what the event could be and how the event could create an impact.

  2. Reimagine
    Don’t skip the hard part of sitting done with your team and imagining what the event could be. It may be uncomfortable there may be long periods of awkward silence. Don’t skip the uncomfortable part or cut it short. When you cut this time short you rely on the “way we’ve always done it”.  Out of the uncomfortable comes new ideas.
    We call it “
    What if time”. What if the event _________________? What if we had _____________? What if everyone______________?Sure, the current limitations of no “in-person’ events makes it hard to do the same things you’ve always done and that’s really the point, we have a great opportunity to RE-IMAGINE everything. Don’t waste this opportunity looking for a slightly different shaped cookie cutter.Getting better solutions is about asking better questions and more often than not this process needs to be a little uncomfortable. It requires us all to think deeply, challenge each other, and push a little harder. When is the last time you sat in a room with a bunch of adults in silence for 15mins just thinking not doing, not talking, just thinking and imaging?
  3. Think about your attendees.
    Make it a story. Forget about the transaction of the event. Compel people to attend, participate, and engage.  How do you want your attendees to be transformed by your event? What would matter most to them?
  4. Preparation
    Document, Document, Document & Practice, Practice, Practice. Develop a  run of show.  It’s just a document that helps you think through your event, keep everyone on the same page, and the event on time.  Do this step as early as you can.  It will help you catch any overlooked content, technology, or holes in your show.  Below is a Run of show sample. Once you have the run of show close to final –  practice the show. This will provide an added level of oversight and quality control to your event.

    This is an example from a recent Virtual Employee Engagement event


  5. Technology
    Invest in the right platform.  Make sure you truly understand your event needs and invest in the right platform. There are a lot of options and understanding what you need for your event to be a success may keep you from breaking the bank. Practice with your platform.  Most platforms will let you test or demo. Make sure you run it through its paces. A good thing to keep in mind with a platform – the one that has all the bells and whistles is not always the best. If you don’t need all the add-ons don’t fall in love with the features before you know what you really need. Trust me on this one. I’ve fallen in technology love too many times. 

Do you have an event you are thinking about taking virtual? Let us know if you need help to reimagine your event? 

We can reimagine this with you because we’ve been supporting events with video for our entire careers. We’ve been doing it for live sports, awards ceremonies, employee engagement events, galas, and customer conferences. The shift from delivering an experience through video in a room with a stage and screen to a smaller room, a computer platform, and a smaller screen is a natural progression for us, and honestly exciting for us. Our unique position and skills gives us the ability to help when it’s needed the most.

You can see some of the virtual events we’ve created for our clients here.

At Skinny Tie, we think video is the best way for your organizations to tell, show, and share stories. We’ll help you discover and tell your stories to create connection, build trust, and drive results for your business.

Nathan Wadding, CEO Skinny Tie Media
Helping organizations build authentic communications

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