Our Purpose: To transform business communications.

Skinny Tie Media is a communications agency formed in 2014 on the foundation of 20+ years of experience. We hold a firm belief that the craft of producing communication tools is as equally as important as the strategy that goes into it. And, our efforts – whether it’s employer brand deployment, employee initiatives or video campaigns – help companies like yours enhance their culture and identity.

We pride ourselves on our ability to partner with our clients on many levels. While our experience gives us the know-how to steer many parts of your projects, our size gives us the ability to stay nimble. Whether you need a partner for just one aspect of your project, or you need someone to handle it from concept to completion, our team is prepared to meet you where you are. No matter what role we play on your team, we bring our expertise to help inform and shape the outcomes of your projects.

We recognize that marketing today is an inside-out paradigm. It’s important for your company to be seen the same inside as it is on the outside in order to ensure the consistency of who you are as an organization. For any organizational initiative to be effective, it needs to be understood, lived, and socialized by your most important resource – your people.

Our experience gives us the right insight to develop and tailor your message for any audience – inside or out – be it your employees, your customers, or your shareholders. We blend the strategy and the craft to deliver stories that inform, inspire, educate and engage your audience to bring your business forward.

We believe effective communications:

  • Are rooted in strategy and research
  • Must be human centered and simple
  • Come from the inside out
  • Are elegant and practical